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HFE instructor leading yoga teacher training
HFE instructor leading yoga teacher training

More Than Yoga Teacher Training

Explore yogic concepts, philosophies and techniques like never before

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Online Yoga Teacher Training and Instructor Courses

Give your career a new shape with our online yoga teacher training courses. Our fully online Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga is recognised worldwide, accredited by YMCA Awards and endorsed by CIMSPA. This programme includes supported home-study, live online training days, over 50 hours of exclusive video lectures, expert asana demonstrations and much more.

  • Unlimited Tutor Support

    Our team of experienced yoga teachers will guide and support you throughout your entire online yoga teaching training.

  • Outstanding Learning Materials

    Print and digital training manuals, over 50 hours of online lectures, asana demonstrations, mock exams and much more are included.

  • Live Online Delivery

    As part of your online yoga instructor course, you'll take part in four days of online yoga workshops from the comfort of your own home.

  • Expert Yoga Tuition

    Let our yoga highly experienced tutors share their knowledge, skills and wisdom about yoga styles and lineages with you.

  • Worldwide Recognition

    Our online yoga teacher training is certificated by YMCA Awards, the UK’s original fitness industry awarding body. It’s also fully endorsed by CIMSPA.

  • Flexible Learning

    Tailor our online yoga instructor course content to fit your schedule and complete the units in any order. The only fixed things are the live yoga training days.

  • Global Access

    Access our leading online yoga teacher training from wherever you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Low Monthly Payments

    There are a variety of ways that you can pay for your online yoga teacher training course, including our low deposit, interest-free payment plans.

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Flexible Payment Options

Our online yoga instructor courses and teacher training is truly flexible, in every sense of the word, and that includes how you pay for it. We believe in an open, honest and ethical pricing model for all our aspiring yogis.

Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training (Online)

  • 5% discount for paying in full

    - £995 (becomes £945.25)

  • Interest-free payment plans over 6 months

    - Deposit = £100. 1 x £150 and 5 x £149 per month for 6 months

  • 14-day money back guarantee

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Presented by Industry Experts

All our online yoga teacher training and instructor courses are written and presented by highly credible, experienced and qualified teachers. Our team of yoga tutors and assessors hold qualifications in a variety of different yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and many more. While our online yoga teacher training course primarily focuses on Hatha yoga, you’ll get the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and understanding of other yoga styles and lineages throughout the course.

  • Yvette Sanderson

    =Yvette Sanderson is HFE's most experienced yoga tutor

    Yvette is a highly experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher, holistic therapist and tutor. Having taught for over 20 years, her knowledge and passion for yoga are truly unmatched and she is a true credit to the practice.

    • History and philosophy of yoga
    • Asana practice and demonstration
    • Mindfulness and pranayama
  • Dawn Rafferty

    =Dawn Rafferty is a veteran Pilates instructor

    Originally coming from a dance background, Dawn has been involved in the world of fitness since 1989. She is an expert in all things yoga and is one of HFE's most experienced tutors.

    • Planning and teaching yoga classes
    • Asana practice
    • Health and safety in yoga practice
  • Angela Carrington

    =Angela is an expert yoga tutor

    Angela has taught group exercise online, in gyms and community venues for nearly 20 years. Specialising in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga, she is an incredibly committed and knowledgeable tutor.

    • Asana practice
    • Mindfulness and meditation
    • Anatomy and physiology
  • Charlotte Smith

    =HFE yoga tutor Charlotte Smith

    With a background in dance and performing arts, Charlotte has a depth of experience, having spent years teaching across a broad range of practices. From yoga to dance, fitness to therapies. She is passionate about her work and enjoys the holistic practice of yoga.

    • Teaching and practising yoga
    • Planning and programming yoga sessions
    • Opening and closing yoga sessions
  • Karen Smith

    =Karen Smith is an expert Pilates instructor

    Karen has been involved in almost every aspect of the fitness industry over the 30 years. Her unrivalled passion for holistic practices make her a highly adept yoga tutor.

    • Asana practice and demonstrations
    • Opening and closing yoga sessions
    • Anatomy and physiology
  • Janine Ranson

    =Janine is an HFE yoga tutor

    Janine has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Passionate about all things exercise, particularly studio-based programmes, she is an expert HFE yoga tutor.

    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Planning and teaching yoga classes
    • Asana practice

Another Level of Yoga Teacher Training

Our online yoga teacher instructor course include a wide-range of online lessons that are written and presented by the most knowledgeable and experienced yoga professionals in the active leisure sector.

Level 2 + Level 3

Did you know...

The word yoga originates from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which literally translated means to join or unite. Yoga is about creating unity – unity between the mind, the body and the spirit. It’s a journey of self-discovery, which includes a physical, mental and even spiritual exploration.

To become an effective yoga teacher, it is necessary to understand how the more technical and scientific parts of the course, like anatomy, physiology and movement alongside the more philosophical and spiritual elements of the programme.

  • History and Philosophy of Yoga

  • Asana Practice

  • Meditation Practices

  • Pranayama (Breathing) Techniques

  • Yogic Gestures, Mudras, Bandhas and Kriyas

  • Different Schools of Indian Philosophy

  • Planning and Programming Yoga Sessions

  • Teaching and Practising Yoga

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Principles and Fundamentals of Fitness Training

  • Opening and Closing Yoga Sessions

  • Health and Safety in Yoga Practice

Comprehensive Learning Materials

Our online yoga instructor course is supported by a wide-range of learning materials, including both print and digital, to ensure that the course content is accessible to you in a format which suits your learning style and needs. From the moment you enrol on your journey to become a fully qualified yoga teacher, you'll receive instant access to the following:

=HFE yoga instructor teaching downward-facing dog

See You on the Mat

See our yoga teacher training motion

  • 1

    4 comprehensive training manuals containing all of the course content*

  • 2

    A detailed study guide which navigates you through the course

  • 3

    Over 50 hours of online lectures and practical asana demonstrations

  • 4

    Mock theory exams, interactive online learning and assessment modules

  • 5

    Easy-to-use case-study and yoga lesson planning templates

*Both print and digital versions supplied

Ongoing Yoga Teacher Career Support

  • Our flagship CV Connect programme will instantly connect your CV with thousands of UK-based employers. Many of these employers are actively looking for qualified and enthusiastic yoga teachers and instructors to join their existing teams.

  • Career advice, guidance and support is ongoing, even when your studies have been completed. Whether you want help finding local employers, polishing your CV, or some advice on marketing and promoting for your new yoga brand, our team have got you covered.

  • Last but not least, as a HFE graduate, you’ll be eligible to receive a wide-range of exclusive offers and discounts. Some of our discount partners include CIMSPA, Insure4Sport, Movement for Modern Life, Yoga Bliss, The Mad Group, YogaFit Retreats and many more.

An HFE personal training tutor talking to a female student

Online Yoga Teacher Training with Unlimited Possibilites

Join our community of qualified yogis who have gone on to secure work with some of the world's leading health clubs, gyms and yoga studios.

HFE graduates work with David Lloyd clubs across the countryVirgin Active is an HFE employer partnerNuffield Health is an HFE employment partner
HFE graduates work at Bannatyne gyms and health clubs across the countryYogaFit Retreats was co-founded by HFE graduate Antonia JohnstonPure Gym is an HFE employment partner


Looking for more information about our online yoga teacher training and yoga instructor courses? We've answered the most frequently asked questions.

How is the online yoga teacher training different from face-to-face training?

There are two main differences and many similarities between the two versions of our yoga instructor course. Firstly, this online course doesn't require you to attend practical training at one of our nationwide venues. Instead, you'll take part in four days (split across two weekends) of live yoga workshops. To access these, you'll just need an internet-connected device and to make sure you have your yoga mat to hand and enough room to practice. The workshops are led by our expert team of yoga teachers so you're in no way missing out because you've decided to do an online course.

With regards to the assessments, theory exams are completed online and accessed with LES (Learner Engagement System). For the practical side of things, you'll be required to film yourself delivering a yoga class to a group of participants and submit this to your tutor for marking. The class itself can be taught in your local studio, an appropriate outdoor venue or within your own home if you have enough space.

In terms of learning resources and unlimited support, the two courses are exactly the same. You'll still receive access to print and digital manuals, alongside mock exams, over 50 hours of video lectures and demonstrations of over 20 yoga poses (asanas).

How do I complete my theory exams and practical yoga assessment?

Theory exams, for your online yoga instructor course, are taken within LES and this is also the student portal where you'll complete your online learning. One of the biggest benefits is that you have complete flexibility to fit the online exams around your schedule as they can be taking at any time on any day. Plus, you'll also get instant access to your results.

The online exams themselves are invigilated by an online proctor who will use your PC/laptop/Mac's microphone and a webcam to monitor your conduct through the exam. Essentially, you'll just be treating it in the same way as you would if you were sitting it face-to-face.

Once your theory exams have been completed, it's time to start thinking about the practical assessment. For this, you'll need to film yourself delivering a safe and effective yoga class to a small group of participants and these can be friends or familiar.

Don't worry, they won't need any prior yoga experience as you'll be teaching them everything they need to know. The yoga class can be performed in a studio, outdoor space, a community hall or even your own home, essentially it's wherever you can find space and feel comfortable.

What learning resources are available when I study an online yoga instructor course?

With our online yoga teacher training, you get precisely the same level of support and world-class learning materials as you would with our face-to-face Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training.

In terms of what exactly that looks like, it starts with instant access to LES, the Learner Engagement System, when you enrol. You'll use this innovative platform to take mock exams, complete workbooks, case studies and lesson plans, and access over 50 hours of exclusive video lectures. We've also included over 20 asana demonstrations, essentially showing yoga in motion. To complement your online learning, we also provide bespoke hard copy and digital learner manuals.

At every stage of your yoga teacher journey, you'll have a dedicated Learner Support Tutor on hand to answer your questions, guide your learning and provide helpful revision tips and tricks as and when you'll need them. Their support is unlimited and they can be contacted Monday - Friday via phone or email.

What are my payment options?

Becoming a fully qualified yoga teacher enables you to do some pretty life-changing things for your clients. Because of this, we don't want anything to stand in the way of you enrolling onto our online yoga instructor course. Our open and honest pricing model means that every single student is treated fairly.

If you're in a position to pay for your whole course in full, we can offer you a 5% discount. Alternatively, if bite-sized payments are more suited to your budget, we have a 6-month, 0% interest payment plan available. For this, it's just an initial £100 deposit to secure your place and then six low monthly payments after that.

Do you offer guaranteed yoga teacher interviews and jobs?

Just as there are many schools and styles of yoga, there are perhaps a limitless amount of ways in which you can apply yourself as a fully qualified yoga instructor or teacher. It's for this reason that we don't engage in the practice of guaranteed interviews and jobs. After all, a career in the fitness industry is all about freedom, choice and flexibility.

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of training thousands of yoga students who have done on to work with some of the world's biggest gyms, health clubs and boutique studios. Alongside that, we've seen graduates launch successful careers with teaching yoga online, open their own studios and even go on to create the world-renowned YogaFit Retreats. Ultimately, there is no definitive right or correct path to take, just the one that feels best suited to your career ambitions as a yoga teacher.

To give you a helping hand once you've completed your online yoga teacher training, we've created CV Connect. This is a game-changing way for you to connect with employers. The steps are simple, once you've completed your course, all you need to do is upload your CV, select the employers in your area and apply directly.

How long will it take to get qualified as a yoga teacher?

Over a decade of delivering fitness courses and qualifications has taught us many things, including that every yoga student is unique and will learn at a different pace. Our online yoga teacher course is structured to reflect this very fact. We've created an in-depth study guide which helpfully breaks down the course into manageable units and allows you to plan your learning and revision accordingly.

Typically, we find that students can complete their yoga teacher training in around six months, some will get their quicker and others may take a little longer.

It's important to bear in mind that even when the learning has been completed, your yoga journey is far from over. It's for this reason that support from our tutors is on-going and they'll be on hand for any career guidance or marketing guidance that you might need.

We've also created a series of yoga instructor career guides and articles for you to dive in to and these cover everything from qualifications to employment.

Online Yoga Instructor Courses with HFE

Yoga has a rich 5,000-year history and as a form of exercise, it’s incredibly inclusive and can be used to achieve a range of benefits. It’s this variety that draws so many people to yoga and this, in turn, has created a great deal of demand for knowledgeable and confident yoga instructors and teachers.

Traditionally, becoming a credible and qualified yoga teacher required some form of face-to-face training. Things are a little different now however with the introduction of our YMCA Awards-accredited and CIMSPA-recognised online yoga instructor course. You won’t find anything radically different with this course to our face-to-face Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training and we see that as a positive. Aspiring yogis still have access to same unlimited support we’re known for and the world-class learning resources we’ve spent years developing, the only obvious change is the location where the actual training takes place.

Our online yoga teacher training can be completed from wherever you are in the world. All you’ll need is an internet-connected device, a yoga mat and some room to practice.

To ensure you get the most out of your experience, we’ve created an incredible library of tools and learning resources. All this lives within LES, the Learner Engagement System. This innovative and easy to use online portal is where students will find over 50 video lectures presented leading experts from the world of yoga, teacher-led asana demonstrations, mock exams, lesson plans, workbooks and more.

Instead of attending practical training at one of our nationwide venues, we deliver the course content via livestream. Over four separate days, you’ll take part in a series of interactive workshops led by one of our expert yoga teachers. You can take part from the comfort of your own home and all you’ll need is a suitable space to practice, a yoga mat and an internet-connected device, such as a laptop or tablet.

As with our other fitness courses, to get fully qualified you’ll need to complete a few formal assessments. For the theory side of things, we’ve created a bespoke platform for online exams. You’ll be able to choose the time and day which suits you best and you’ll also get instant access to your results. For your practical assessment, you’re required to film yourself teaching a yoga class to a group of participants. It’s the ideal way for you to put into practice everything you’ve learned during your online yoga teacher training.

Once all the work has been completed and assessments have been passed, you’ll be a fully qualified yoga teacher. The journey doesn’t stop here however, we’ve created a game-changing recruitment solution called CV Connect which puts you directly in touch with thousands of UK and international employers. Alongside that, contact with your dedicated Learner Support Tutor also continues. They really have been there and done it all before so you can lean on them whenever you need career advice, a second pair of eyes on a marketing plan or just a bit of guidance on what to do next.

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